Jack is producing signs for American Citizens Supporting the Armed Forces. You can donate for the sign and support Wounded Warriors, Disabled Americans (DAVE), Paralyzed Veterans of America, National Police Association, the USO, or Deputy Sheriff's Assocation.



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Jack's goal is to leave the world a better place because he has lived. Please consider making a donation to help him in his conservatgion issues. Please take a look at the website so you know the issues that Jck considers important so you can help him in funding his initiatives. Click on the gofundme button and make a donation. Jack would appreciate it. You can also donate to the organizations on my website.

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Team Earth

Team Earth Award

Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

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Jacks International "Litter-Up Foundation" You may make a donation to it via Paypal or credit card. More details on the Merchandise page.

Donations are used for environmental clean-up.


Team Earth

Jack will have hats available from Kevin's Biz who has produced Team Earth t-shirts as of February 6, 2018. Jack is looking for corporate sales for these hats. Please reach out to him if you are interested.

Jack continues to hunt and will continue to hunt for the rest of his life. He usually just takes his rifle for a walk as he rarely shoots anything anymore.

Jack is available for lectures on Team Earth Conservation and World Peace. Supporting veterans and police in America. He will also sing the song "America and Peace" that he wrote and published in 2007. Lectures will also include his stand up comedy routine and the poems he has written.

Jack is trying to leave the world in better place because he lived.

Jack is spearheading a new promotion called Team Earth. Also if you donate $25 or more Jack will send you a free Team Earth tee-shirt.

Team Earth


whale surfacingToday is January 7, 2011. From this day until my last, I hope I can provide my thoughts on the dynamics of the struggle for a healthy environment for the future generations of humans around the world.

I will be asking every reader to begin their own way of helping produce a healthy environment.

My goal is to bring young and old people into the outdoor life of earth and mother nature.

I wrote in my original book ("Beyond My Wildest Dreams"), the human race must stop polluting the air, land, and water of this planet.

I believe everything that can be recycled should be recycled. For several years, I have been trying to pick up one piece of litter everyday. That has become an obsession for me. I walk several miles a day for exercise around my home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Scranton recycles its trash. I am rarely out of sight of a recycling container. When I see this container in front of my path, I look for a plastic bottle or tin can between myself and the container. Every time I drop something in, I know I have done more than talk about the environment and given a gift to the future.

I feel great knowing that I am a veteran of many wilderness trips to areas where the only reasonable way in is by air travel. I don't remember not seeing litter anywhere I have spent a few days!

Mother nature's blood flows through every stream, creek or river. They all drain into her heart, the oceans of the world!

Almost every person, including myself, has used the excuse: this is only a little bit of poison, so it won't matter today. The next rain, that little bit of poison begins its trip to the sea killing something. If the oceans were lying in a hospital bed, every doctor would know it's a matter of time before death.

The oceans are the heart of life on earth. A little bit of poison times five billion plus people. Even the immense oceans can be killed by human ignorance.

I wrote this column in capital letters because I feel it is important to the future.


Jack has just received this environmental award:

The Team Earth Advisory Board

Nancy Sue Perlman

Ed Carlson

Jack Palug

Gerry Putt

George Lavinsh

Travis Pringe


Jack placed this photograph because Team Earth cares about all species of animals and their habitat on this planet.

Jack's Arbor Day trees arrived April 12, 2016 and will be donated to the Gouldsboro Township Permanent Park behind the Covington Township building.

Jack considers the Arbor Day Foundation one of the most important conservation groups active today. For many years, jack has planted thousands of oak trees all over Pennsylvania (mostly on state game lands) and feels very good that these trees will be producing food for the animals for many generations after Jack has passed. And he asks many people to do the same.

Team Earth encourages all volunteers to plant long term perennial food bearing food for wildlife. Team Earth Conservation Awards can be given to anyone that plants an acre or more for wildlife consumption. The Ethical Energy corporation (above) has been issued a Team Earth award for supporting clean energy.

To order a shirt via Paypal:

Founders of Team Earth

Founders of Team Earth
Nick Barzilo n.borzillo@gmail.com
Albert Tyson 1334 Roosevelt Hwy, Waymart, PA
Algela Hutchins zodiacgrl@hotmail.com
Linda Lorenc  
Connie Manning countryhearted@juno.com
Ron Ivey  
Brenda Lewis  
Bill Van huntingtonbill@oftonlide.net
Deane Fish and Esther Welden ewelden@epix.net
Debbie Graves dagraves52@yahoo.com
Joe Hilson jeh9400@gmail.com
Robert van Ostrand  
Gary Robinson Waymart, PA
Maidlyn Daaris  


Corporation names can be added to the tee-shirt and can be purchased DIRECTLY from kevins.biz. Show your support for TEAM EARTH.

Volume discount pricing available. Contact www.kevins.biz for details.

I have no idea who wrote this letter; but it is proof that if you care enough about the environment to pick up litter near your homes your neighbors will know that you care and acknowledge that you care about the environment. I ASK EVERYONE THAT NOTICES THIS NOTE TO CONSIDER PICKING UP LITTER AROUND THEIR HOMES.


Jack believes this is the most important set of stamps ever issued by the US Post Office. Reason being this is not only important to the U.S., this is a important to the world's food supply.

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